Plunger of the Year

64 Virtual Plungers. 63 matchups. 1 winner.

By now you know the name, Plunger of the Week. The weekly competition has garnered over 3,000 user votes since the beginning of January. Almost 300 Plungers have beared the cold from home and submitted their Virtual Plunge videos for a chance to be named Plunger of the Week. Now, prepare yourself for a week-long competition where the Plunger of the Year will be decided by you! 64 Virtual Plunge videos will be chosen from all of the Virtual Plunge video submissions we have received over the past 3 months with help from our Athlete Leadership Council. All video submissions will be reviewed and considered, but only 64 will make it to Round 1. Good luck, Plungers!

Winner: Ralph Gemmill

Congratulations to our Plunger of the Year, Ralph Gemmill! You take home the title for the next year and scored an awesome prize pack provided by some of our incredible corporate partners. Stay cool!

Ralph "Gene Simmons" Gemmill


Christopher "The Flying Ralphie" Waters


Thank you, Plungers!

Our Plunger of the Year competition is one of those brand new and unchartered territory things this year with the Virtual Plunge and we are learning what works and what doesn't. That being said, the concept of Plunger of the Year is absolutely here to stay, so start gearing up for next year's competition. The past week has created some really incredible memories and learning opportunities for our team and you all are to thank for that. Without your commitment to the Plunge and Special Olympics Maryland, we would not have any success with things like Plunger of the Year.

Message to our voters

In the Final Four round of our Plunge of the Year bracket, there was a technical glitch in our bracket system. We consulted with both of our Virtual Plungers who were in the bracket with the error and the decision was made to move forward with the Championship Round that you see reflected in the bracket above. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and sincerely appreciate everyone's patience!

Meet the Final Four

Christopher Waters

Maryland Plunger
Better known as "The Flying Ralphie", Christopher Waters is a 17-year Plunger who works within the school system. He has participated in the Maryland Plunge and the Super Plunge. He estimates that he has physically Plunged around 245 times! 


I have great memories of doing the plunge. However, my experiences doing the Super Plunge and staying overnight with some of the athletes (Jimmy Myrick, Joe Wu, Josh, Desi, Ben) has been nothing short of life-changing. When I spent time with them and really got to know them, it really came from a special place in my heart. I got to see the inclusion firsthand and be inspired by them. It always left me with the best feeling. I also try to encourage others to do the plunge and/or support it by giving a donation. I've always looked forward to the plunge each year. It has truly changed my heart.

Kelle Brumley

Cool Schools Plunger
Kelle Brumley is our Final Four Cool Schools Plunger. This year is Kelle's first Plunge and she is excited to Plunge for Catoctin High School's Unified® Sports Team. Check out Kelle's video featuring some of the team!


It has been my absolute pleasure and honor to serve as the “Team Mom” for Catoctin High School’s Unified Sports Teams led by our amazing Coach Nesbitt. I’m awestruck by the spirit, character, and moxie of the athletes on our teams. They make our school and our community a kinder, better place. I plunge for: Megan, Destiny, Cam, Anna, Ava, Siddah, Grace, Will, Sarah, Sadie, Jazmyne, Johnny, Sammie, Jordan and so many more. Through these unforgettable kids, I plunge for all the Special Olympics Maryland athletes!

Ralph Gemmill

Super Plunger
Ralph started with SOMD in 1980 and has competed in track and field, swimming, ice skating, soccer, bowling, field hockey, sailing, kayaking, skiing, golf, equestrian, basketball, and softball. Ralph also attended the original Camp Shriver for many, many years.


I plunge because I enjoy it, & love supporting Special Olympics in providing sports for me, & my friends. Special Olympics Maryland is my life!

Rucker & Sgt. Mull

Police Plunger
Rucker & Sgt. Mull are members of Baltimore County Police's Police Plunge team. Together their team has raised over $35,000 for the Police Plunge this year. Rucker has made quite the splash in this year's Plunge of the Year contest, racking up over 48,000 votes.


I plunge in support of the incredible Special Olympics athletes across Maryland. Our fundraising makes it possible for them to participate in sports and other programs that they love. I also plunge in solidarity with my fellow law enforcement partners during the Police Plunge and fellow Super Plungers during the Super Plunge. Our efforts to raise awareness and funds really do make a difference. Seeing the genuine joy and smiles on the faces of those athletes is truly my 'why'.

– Chief Melissa Hyatt, Baltimore County Police

Voting open now!

Each round will be open for 24 hours. The Virtual Plunger video that racks up the most votes will advance to the next round and one step closer to the grand prize and title of Plunger of the Year!
  • Round 1

    Monday 2/1/21 at 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM

  • Round 2

    Tuesday 2/2/21 at 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM

  • Round 3

    Wednesday 2/3/21 at 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM

  • Round 4

    Thursday 2/4/21 at 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM

  • Round 5

    Friday 2/5/21 at 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM

  • Round 6

    Saturday 2/6/21 at 11:15 AM – 2/7/21 11:15 AM

  • Winner Announced

    Sunday 2/7/21 at 12:00 PM

How we choose the 64 videos

Video submissions that have been submitted through social media or sent to our team directly were reviewed with the help of our Athlete Leadership Council, made up of 21 SOMD athlete leaders. After reviewing and deliberating, 64 Virtual Plunge videos were selected and advanced to Round 1 for the general public to vote on. 8 of these spots are reserved for winners of Plunger of the Week.