Animal Crossing Plunge

Grab your Nintendo Switch and Plunge virtually!

We know we weren't the only ones to buy a Nintendo Switch in March, download Animal Crossing, and make our islands look like an episode of MTV's Cribs. Besides being a lot of fun, Animal Crossing is also a perfect, pandemic-proof option for our Virtual Plunge this year.


How to Participate

  • Visit Virtual Plungefest

    Plunge  Maryland will send out a “Dodo Code” on 1/30/21. This code will give any Animal Crossing character access to “Plungfest”. Three islands will be terraformed to look like our usual Plungefest at Sandy Point State Park. Your virtual experience will include registration, food trucks, and a concert. There will be Plunge areas designated for those who want to do Virtual Plunges with their Animal Crossing characters during this time. 

  • Plunge on your Island

    If you participate in our Animal Crossing Plunge on your own island, we encourage you to send your own version of Virtual Plunges! Take a video and share it on social using the #PlungeMD and tagging Plunge Maryland! Don't forget to grab some Plunge merch for your character before your Virtual Plunge (see below!)


Merchandise stores will be set up where individuals can buy (with Animal Crossing $) virtual SOMD/Plunge merchandise for their Animal Crossing characters to wear. Copy and paste the custom design codes below to get your Plunge and SOMD merch!


SOMD T-Shirt



SOMD Bucket Hat



Plunge Crewneck



Plunge Beanie


If you are interested in being a part of our Animal Crossing Virtual Plunge, please fill out the form below. Plunge Maryland will send out a "Dodo Code" on 1/30/21 to the email address you supplied below so you can participate.