Super Plunge

2021 Virtual Super Plunge Showcase

Super Plunge Teams

Team Boyd & Heup

Team Boyd & Heup is made up of our Super Plunge Captain, Donny Boyd; his daughter, Natalie; and SOMD athlete leader Michael Heup. Donny has been involved with the Plunge for 20 years! He is an incredible leader and has brought his whole family, including his teammate Natalie, who has Super Plunged with him for the past 3 years. Michael Heup has competed in Special Olympics Maryland for 20 years and has competed in track & field, powerlifting, swimming, soccer, basketball, tennis cross skiing, cycling, and snowshoe and he loves playing them all equally! Donny, Michael, and Natalie are family, and together they make up Team Boyd & Heup!

Bob & Danielle Marino

The Marino family is taking on the Super Plunge together this year. Danielle Marino is a SOMD athlete leader from Harford County who competes in swimming, alpine Skiing, and cheerleading. Danielle has become a standout role model with her involvement in the SOMD Virtual MOVEment and is excited to be involved with her first Super Plunge. Speaking of standouts, Bob Marino is a second time Super Plunger, SOMD Board Member, and has gotten to get his employer, Mueller Associates signed up for the Corporate Plunge where they are currently in first place for team fundraising. Special Olympics Maryland is lucky to have the Marino’s as part of their family!

Plunging Sister Hons

Stacey Hull and Tressa Andrews story begins many years ago in high school, where they graduated together from C. Milton Wright in 1989. Stacey Hull is a SOMD athlete leader from Harford County who competes in softball and soccer. Tressa Andrews is a Baltimore hon and can likely be found decked out in Ravens gear wearing Old Bay as jewelry. She is an incredible supporter of Special Olympics Maryland and the Polar Bear Plunge! Stacey and Tressa are teammates, sister hons, and most importantly true friends and are teaming up again for the third year in a row.

Team Dan & Sam

Dan & Sam – a pairing for the ages! Sam Livingston is a SOMD athlete leader from Baltimore County who competes in softball, basketball, and bowling. Sam has held many leadership roles such as 2020 Plunge Team Captain, 2021 Brave in the Attempt Speaker, and now Super Plunge Ambassador. Sam has teamed up with returning Super Plunger, Dan Herr this year. Dan is a role model fundraiser, who works creatively to meet his fundraising goals by working with small and local business. This year Dan and Sam worked together and crushed their fundraising goal of $10,000 with no plan on to stop until Plunge is over!

Team Barbara and Joe

Team Barbara & Joe is made up of SOMD athlete leader Joe Wu and longtime Super Plunger and LETR partner, Barbara Natoli. Joe Wu has been a Special Olympics Maryland athlete for 35 years, while Barbara has been plunging for 25 years! There are only a handful of Plungers left that have experienced all 25 years and we are lucky that Barbara is one of them! Barbara has paired up with funny man and local Montgomery County athlete, Joe Wu this year and together they have formed an unstoppable fundraising pair!

Desi's Dynamic Duo

Desi’s Dynamic Duo is made up of Desiree Holland and Rick Barton. Desiree, better known around SOMD as Desi, is a Special Olympics Maryland athlete leader from Prince George’s County who has competed in swimming and cycling for 41 years. Rick Barton is Desi’s Super Plunge teammate and close friend. Rick has plunged for 11 years and has since built a tradition with Desi. They always do the last Plunge together, hand in hand. This year they have upped the ante and teamed up to do all 24 Plunges together!

Team Christine, Thomas & Allan

The members of Team Christine, Thomas & Allan all hail from Howard County! Christine Towne has participated in SOMD for 15 years and competes in 5 sports, while Thomas Smith has been an athlete for 16 years and competes in 2 sports. Allan Kittleman rounds out the team. Allan is a long time Super Plunger and is dedicated to Special Olympics Maryland. Cheer on the all Howard County team as they take on their first Super Plunge together!

Jimmy Plunge

"Jimmy's undaunted courage kept him unintimidated by the challenges he faced. His enthusiasm for life was evident in everything he did. His smile conveyed his sincere love and appreciation for everyone he met For those reasons and many more, Jimmy Myrick will always be the face of the Super Plunger and the Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics Maryland."

– Greg Shipley
Maryland State Police, Director of Communications
Original Super Plunger

Team Rachel & Carmen

SOMD athlete leader Carmen Houston-Ludlam and returning Super Plunge Rachel Grant make up Team Rachel & Carmen. Carmen is an athlete leader from Calvert County and has participated in SOMD for 9 years in cheerleading, dance, and snowboarding. Rachel Grant burst onto the Super Plunge scene last year, reaching her fundraising goal with ease and is back at it again for another year. Together, Carmen and Rachel will go the distance!

DJ Kopec & Stone

This Team of DJ’s easily have the best Plunge Playlist around, Kris Stone and Chris Kopec have not only hosted countless Dance Parties this year for our SOMD athletes but are also an incredible Super Plunge Team! The last time this pair performed together was our Virtual Block Party in June, but they are back and ready for another Dance Party! This Super Plunger team is going to DJ their way to $10,000 and show off some pretty cool dance moves along the way.

Will Kelly & Justin Hunsigner

Montgomery County SOMD athlete leader, Justin Hunsinger has teamed up with SOMD Board Member Will Kelly for this year’s Super Plunge. Justin Hunsinger has been involved with Special Olympics Maryland for 7 years and competes in basketball and soccer. The two share a love of sports, inclusion, and plunging! Help Will and Justin meet their fundraising goal by supporting these two very cool guys!

Spunky Super Plungers

The Spunky Super Plunge team includes SOMD athlete leader Stephanie Pyles and LETR partner Amber Blackmire! Stephanie, an athlete from Allegany County, and Amber, a Deputy First Class for the Frederick County Sheriff's Office have been hitting up the local watering holes for the last few weeks taking their Virtual Super Plunge to the next level. They love a good theme and are always ready with the best costumes on the block. Show some spunky support for these ladies!

Team BRR

2 Nicoles + 1 Erica = Team BRR! Team BRRRR has three members Nicole Sherry, Nicole Hurley, and Erica Wheeler. Erica and Nicole are both Carroll County athletes, Nicole's sports are kayaking, track & field, swimming, and snowshoe. While Erica Wheeler does swimming, skiing, soccer, and kayaking. You might recognize Nicole Sherry from Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Nicole is the head groundskeeper there and was recently named to the ports Turf Management Association board of directors. She becomes the first woman to hold the position. Can you say girl power?!

Lori & Bryan

Team Lori & Bryan are ready to BEAR the cold, and also warm your hearts. Bryan Adamczyk is a Knights of Columbus member and avid Special Olympics Maryland volunteer who has been plunging for 8 years. For his 2nd year as a Super Plunger he is joined by Lori "Action" Plaxen a Montgomery County athlete, and one of the most determined competitive powerlifters you will ever meet. "Special Olympics Maryland makes my world move forward!" – Lori Plaxen

Keep It Real

"Keep it Real" with this next Super Plunge team consisting of Danny Grau and Brian Taylor. Danny is a Harford County athlete who competes in snowshoe, basketball, soccer, and softball. Brian Taylor is a Special Olympics Maryland Board Member, who is participating in his 1st Super Plunge. This year, he has teamed up with local Harford County athlete Super Plunger Danny Grau to take on 24 Plunges in  24 hours together! Keep it  real and support Danny and Brian!

Mike & Rusty

Carroll County is represented by Team Rusty and Michael. Rusty Buchanan, is a Special Olympics Maryland athlete who competes in skiing, kayaking, soccer and golf and has been involved for 6 years now. While Michael Thomas is a returning Super Plunger who has teamed up with Rusty to tackle the Super Plunge together!

Shore Boyz

Team Shore Boyz came out of an 8 year retirement for our BEARY special Plunge 25th Anniversary. Tom Pyper and Josh Deel became great friends through Special Olympics and they did the Super Plunge because they "love to think in some small way that they have made this world a better place", and they certainly have for our Special Olympics Maryland athletes.

The Three Amigos

Returning Super Plungers Josh Smith and Zack Taylor have picked up a new team member, Matt Halpern! Together Josh, Zack, and Matt make up The Three Amigos. Josh and Zack are very excited, as is Matt, to join forces to raise money for this amazing organization! Together, their team will work very hard to raise money for the 8,715 athletes involved with Special Olympics Maryland.

Donna T & Amanda Moore

Anne Arundel County athlete leader, Amanda Moore, and long time Super Plunger, Donna Taylor are teaming up this year on Team Donna and Amanda. Amanda competes in track & field, cycling, bowling, kayaking, cheer, tennis, and powerlifting. Donna Taylor is a seasoned Super Plunger and is back at it again this year despite the event being 100% virtual. Best of luck, ladies!

Team Stacy Lyn & David Godoy

Team David and Stacy are determined to create a world that isn’t limited by a disability! David Godoy is an SOMD Athlete Leader and Health Messenger, from Montgomery County! His partner Stacy Lyn is an annual Super Plunger, and after her first year has been hooked since! Although David and Stacy are a new team, they are going to make a splash this Plunge season!

The Frosty Boys

Here come the Frosty Boys, John Boy and Ralph Gemmill. John and Ralph are long time Super Plungers. Ralph is a Carroll County athlete who participates in golf, track & field, sailing, kayaking, soccer, skiing, and swimming and gets to participate thanks to all our Super Plungers. This year, John and Ralph themed their Plunges at John’s house including a decades Plunge and Dunk Tank Plunge!

Team B.E.C.A.

Team B.E.C.A. consists of a father-daughter duo, Brian and Ella Rubin along with 2 SOMD athlete leaders Candice Herget and Annu Singleton. Brian & Ella have Plunged in the past, but are taking on a new challenge with the Super Plunge this year. Candice has been an athlete for 9 years and competes in Bocce, Bowling, Kayaking, and Golf. Annu Singleton has played more sports than you can name over his 23-year career as a Special Olympics Maryland athlete. All four members have never officially Super Plunged before and have teamed up to tackle the Virtual Super Plunge together.

Team Rick & Zach & Robert

Shout out to part of our Super Plunge family, Team Rick, Zach & Robert who are plunging this week. Can’t wait to be back on the beach with you guys! Support their team here:

Frosty Blue Sirens

Monique Matthews and Chief Melissa Hyatt have become very close over the years and this year they decided to pair together and make the Super Plunge Team, Frosty Blue Sirens. Monique is an athlete from Baltimore County and she competes in track & field. Chief Hyatt is participating in her 5th Super Plunge this year keeping the tradition strong even in this virtual environment.

Team Adam & Oliver

Team Adam and Oliver are sure to inspire you this Super Plunge season with their incredible dedication to creating a difference for those with intellectual disabilities. Adam Hays was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at birth and has had 34 brain major surgeries at the age of 36. Adam and Oliver’s relationship is unique because Oliver Clark, Plunges for his sister Sutton, who has Hydrocephalus like Adam. Since beginning to Plunge 10 years ago, Oliver has raised over $175,000 at the age of 15! Both of these awesome Super Plungers have impacted our community through their leadership and will make a difference over the next 50 years!

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