Super Plunge

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Why should you do the Super Plunge?

Super Plunge is the ultimate Plunge endurance event. If you’ve done it once, then it’s time to give 24 plunges in 24 hours a try. But more importantly, Super Plungers pledge to raise at least $10,000 for our Special Olympic Maryland athletes. This type of dedication to our mission and our athletes requires a level of commitment that makes Super Plungers a family that lasts beyond the 24 hours of plunging.

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2020 MSP Polar Bear Plunge


Help to raise athletes across the to continue to do sports they love to do.

Stacey Hull

I plunge in support of the incredible Special Olympics athletes across Maryland. Our fundraising makes it possible for them to participate in sports and other programs that they love. I also plunge in solidarity with my fellow law enforcement partners during the Police Plunge and fellow SuperPlungers during the SuperPlunge. Our efforts to raise awareness and funds really do make a difference. Seeing the genuine joy and smiles on the faces of those athletes is truly my 'why'.

Melissa Hyatt

I plunge to support my fellow Special Olympics Maryland athletes. If we didn’t have any supporters then we wouldn’t have any of these amazing programs and opportunities for athletes. I love participating in sports like Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, and of course Equestrian. I love athlete leadership opportunities. I love the company of friends, coaches, volunteers, supporters, and my family being apart of what I love doing. Thank you all for supporting the plunge!

Christine Towne

This year will be my 7 year of Super Plunging!
Here is the link to Stacey Hull my teammate and friends interview as to why we plunge!

Tressa Andrews

The first time I did this I wanted to do it because it was “cool.” Then I met Jimmy Myrick and saw what he was able to do because of SOMD. I saw his smile light up a room. I saw how the lives were affected in a positive manner by the money I was raising.

Dan Herr

Super Plunge Leaderboard

Donny Boyd $390,638
Donna Taylor $254,043
Darryl Despeaux $230,000
Myrick Family $190,806
The Holland Family $189,629
Barbara Natoli $163,289
Jennifer Franciotti $161,655
Zack Taylor $153,265
Adam Hays $137,197
Jason Stull $115,322

About our Leaderboard

Special Olympics Maryland and the MSP Polar Bear Plunge are eternally grateful for the support our Super Plungers have given us since 2004. Beary wanted to recognize your hard work with our brand new Super Plunge Leaderboard! Check out our top ten fundraising teams and click the accordion below to see the full list. If you don't see your name, shoot us a message at and we will get you added!