Police Plunge


Why should you do the Police Plunge?

This is a great event for Law Enforcement Agencies to come together and support Special Olympics Maryland. The Police Plunge provides an opportunity for agencies to highlight their agency in a positive way within their communities. Many agencies create teams where officers can join and come out as a group.

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2020 MSP Polar Bear Plunge


I plunge in support of the incredible Special Olympics athletes across Maryland.  Our fundraising makes it possible for them to participate in sports and other programs that they love.  I also plunge in solidarity with my fellow law enforcement partners during the Police Plunge and fellow SuperPlungers during the SuperPlunge.  Our efforts to raise awareness and funds really do make a difference. Seeing the genuine joy and smiles on the faces of those athletes is truly my 'why'.

Melissa Hyatt

I plunge for all the athletes of Special Olympics! "Be brave in the attempt" is part of the Athlete Oath and if athletes can be brave in their attempts on the athletic fields and in life, then I know braving the icy Chesapeake is the least I can do to support them!  The other reason I plunge is because it is a public display of law enforcement's support for Special Olympics and it's athletes!

Francis Tewey

Very importantly, this opportunity has been the first exposure and engagement with many of our officers and recruits to Special Olympics and our year-round Law Enforcement Torch Run efforts and has been a great recruiting tool for their continuing support.  

John Newnan

The funds raised during the MSP Polar Bear Plunge and other activities throughout the year are used by Special Olympics Maryland to give children and adults with intellectual abilities the opportunity to feel what it is like to practice, compete, win and yes, lose, all through the power of sports. These and many other enrichment opportunities are provided to them free-of-charge, thanks to the ongoing support of thousands of Maryland law enforcement personnel, generous citizens and responsible corporate partners who understand the importance of this cause.

As a proud participant in the MD Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics since its inception in 1986, I have had the privilege of meeting many Special Olympics MD athletes. You only need to meet one. He or she will change your perspective. They will change your life. This is why I Plunge.

Greg Shipley

Police Plunge Leaderboard

Baltimore County Police Department $106,781.90
MSP Academy Class 151 $68,705.61
Anne Arundel County Police Department $40,610.64
American Legion Family Plunge Team $33,312.03
Prince George's County Police $15,878.25
Anne Arundel County Office of the Sheriff $14,205.76
Havre de Grace Police / 103.7 WXCY Partners $13,666.05
MSPAC Flying Pigs $12,568.37
Baltimore Police Department $12,285.85
Carroll County Sheriff's Office Training Academy $12,161.75

About our Leaderboard

Special Olympics Maryland and the MSP Polar Bear Plunge are eternally grateful for the support our Police Plunge Teams have given us since the Plunge started. Beary wanted to recognize your hard work with our brand new Police Plunge Leaderboard! Check out our top ten fundraising teams from the past three years and click the accordion below to see the full list. If you don't see your agency's name, shoot us a message at and we will get you added!