Maryland Plunge


Why should you do the Maryland Plunge?

By participating in the 2024 Polar Bear Plunge you will be helping to provide year-round sports and leadership programs for 15,588 athletes and Unified® teammates of Special Olympics Maryland. All of our programs are FREE to our athletes and families thanks to generous community supporters who believe in the Special Olympics mission: to give our athletes opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendships with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community. Plus it is the best party of the winter!

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2020 MSP Polar Bear Plunge


I have actually plunged 2 times before for another organization. This year, I opted to participate in this Plunge for these reasons, I am a Special Olympics Athlete and I enjoy helping to raise money for all my co-athletes, it was extremely convenient to participate in with it being Virtual this year and I knew I would have fun!

Donnie Harmon

I plunge because I want to raise money for an organization that I have participated in for almost my entire life and to hopefully continue to support all of the amazing work that this organization allows for the athletes and their families!

Bret Bucci Jr.

I Plunge so these FANTASTIC athletes have the chance to safely compete locally, nationally, or even internationally at no cost to their families.

Tom Haney

I plunge because of the people who participate in Special Olympics and because of my Father and brother who passed away 2 years ago. The passion that they had for family and how they gave with humbleness and love, by participating in the Plunge is my gesture of what they instilled in me.

Anthony Ruth

This my first time plunging! I have been participating in Special Olympics since I was 7 years old. I now participate in 9 sports. I love it because I make friends, stay in shape and I get to try new things. I am an Athlete Leader and I want to raise awareness about Special Olympics. I'm also plunging because it's important to me to raise money for Special Olympics so we can grow. I want to have more unified sports available. I want all people with Intellectual Disabilities to have the chance to be involved with Special Olympics.

Bailey Mewhinney

It's the greatest cause I can think of. To be able to help such special people have a good time at all the events. I will continue to plunge as long as it goes. I HAVE NEVER MISSED ANY OF THE PLUNGES, EVEN WHEN IT WAS RESCHEDULE TWICE IN 2000.

Richard W. Lasher

February 15, 1997 – On the morning of the first plunge, a team from Special Olympics, the Maryland State Police, Maryland Park Service, Maryland Natural Resources Police, and the Law Enforcement Torch Run gathered on the beach at Sandy Point with some bagels and hot chocolate mix.  We were unsure if anyone else would show up.  We were wrong.  Much to our surprise, about 350 people came to plunge and had a great time.  They raised about $74,000 for Special Olympics MD.  There was no doubt this would become an annual event. 

Greg Shipley

I plunge because I have a daughter with special needs that participated in Special Olympics and ever since I have been plunging. So I do it for my daughter and all the others who are Special Olympic athletes.

Angelic Hibbert

Maryland Plunge Leaderboard

Ravens Roost ALL $2,000,000.00
Owen United $262,975.00
Team Sutton $144,316.00
Logan's Heroes $121,828.15
98 Rock $112,834.00
Mr. Peanuts Frozen Chozen $110,151.45
Maggie's Mounties $83,754.01
Team Mike Waschak $73,819.88
American Legion $70,483.50
Team Wawa $26,017.00

About our Leaderboard

Special Olympics Maryland and the MSP Polar Bear Plunge are eternally grateful for the support our Maryland Plunge Teams have given us since the Plunge began in 1996. Beary wanted to recognize your hard work with our brand new Maryland Plunge Leaderboard! Check out our top ten fundraising teams and click the accordion below to see the full list. If you don't see your team's name, shoot us a message at and we will get you added!