Cool Schools Plunge


Why should you do the Cool Schools Plunge?

The Cool Schools Plunge is the coolest field trip in the state of Maryland and brings together students from across the state in various age ranges. Experience the spirit and camaraderie on the beach with your school. Be a part of the Unified Generation and get your school involved today!

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2020 MSP Polar Bear Plunge


I Plunge because I know first-hand just how much athletes, partners, and volunteers are impacted so positively by being a part of Special Olympics Maryland. I Plunge so that SOMD can continue to change lives!

Caprice West

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Remember, Cool Schools is a school wide event!

Whole School Engagement activities positively impact school climate by including all students, teachers, staff, and administrators. An inclusive school climate that fosters understanding and respect for all can influence how students think and act within and beyond the school.

Cool Schools Leaderboard

South River High School $423,673.31
Arundel High School $200,681.36
Magothy Middle School $130,107.46
Southern High School $106,735.79
Arundel Middle School $99,907.35
Northeast High School Eagles $86,363.00
Broadneck High School $80,356.39
Arctic Parkies/ Severna Park High School $65,026.19
Chesapeake High School Cougars $59,571.38
Central Middle School $54,728.40

About our Leaderboard

Special Olympics Maryland and the MSP Polar Bear Plunge are eternally grateful for the support our Cool Schools Plunge Teams have given us since Cool Schools started in 2011. Beary wanted to recognize your hard work with our brand new Cool Schools Plunge Leaderboard! Check out our top ten fundraising teams and click the accordion below to see the full list. If you don't see your school's name, shoot us a message at and we will get you added!