Pint Size Plunge

Saturday, July 15th from 12:00 to 5:00pm | Lone Oak Farm Brewing Company

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Not So Pint Size Prizes


Pint Size Polar Bear Plunge Rules


Supporters will be able to support Special Olympics Maryland by purchasing “Pint Size” (rubber) Polar Bears which will be entered to Plunge and eligible for five Plunge prizes that will be awarded to five Bears that will be pulled randomly from the water by a Special Olympics Maryland athlete.

  1. Polar Bears can be purchased online prior to plunge day and onsite as well.
  2. Each Polar Bear will be marked with a unique number making them eligible for the Plunge prizes.
  3. All eligible Polar Bears will plunge from a front-end loader into the Lone Oak Farm Pond.
  4. As the Polar Bears float, a Special Olympics Maryland athlete will paddle the pond in a kayak to randomly pull five bears to identity the winners.
  5. Five prizes will be awarded (see details above), to the supporters who were assigned those numbers for the Plunge. The prizes will be presented in order according to how the numbered Polar Bears were pulled from the pond.

Funds will be raised by supporters who pint size rubber Polar Bears for a Plunge in the Lone Oak Farm Brewing Company pond. A Special Olympics Maryland athlete will kayak in the pond and randomly pull the winners from among Polar Bears floating in the pond. The Plunge is currently scheduled for 4:45 on July 15th.