Dunk Social Graphics

Use these sample social graphics and graphic templates in your fundraising campaign! Save the “Ready-to-Post Social Graphics” to your phone or computer (right-click > Save As) for a quick and easy post. See the directions at the bottom of the page on how to customize the graphics!

Ready-to-Post Social Graphics

Customizable Social Graphics

How to customize these graphics:

  1. Save the desired image to your computer or phone (right-click > Save As)
  2. Using Paint, Mark-Up Tools, PhotoShop, or whatever your desired program is, color the fundraising thermometer and/or write in the water temperature of your Dunk water
  3. Save the image to your computer or phone
  4. Post your Dunk video to your social, send it out in emails, and embed it on your Classy fundraising page with a thank you to all of your donors! Remember to tag and mention @SpOlympicsMD and @DunkMD!

More Fundraising Resources

Do you have a great Facebook or Instagram following? If so, utilize our Donation Grid on your Instagram story to raise $75 for your Dunk! Get your Donation Grid today!