Dunk Donation Grid

Do you have a great Facebook or Instagram following? If so, utilize our Donation Grid on your Instagram story to raise $75 for your Dunk!

  • Step 1: Add your Dunk fundraising page link to your Instagram profile bio
  • Step 2: Save the Donation Grid photo (click the button below) to your phone’s album
  • Step 3: Upload your saved Donation Grid to your Instagram Story then tag Dunk Maryland (@DunkMD)
  • Step 4: Post the tagged picture to your Instagram Story
  • Step 5: When you receive a donation from a follower, repost your donation grid, draw over the donation amount from your supporter, download the marked-up image to use for your next update, tag and thank your supporter, and post your updated grid to your story
  • Step 6: Repeat Step 5 until your entire grid is complete!