Cool Schools Plunger Resources

As a Cool Schools Plunger, we want to make sure you have all of the resources you need to be successful with your fundraising campaign. Be sure to check out all of the resources linked below and remember to bookmark this page as more resources will be added throughout the campaign. Good luck, plunger!

Plunge Emails

We know – inboxes can get a little overwhelming sometimes. So if you didn’t get a chance to read or missed our most recent Cool Schools email, see below for the links to emails from the entire campaign so far:

Cool Schools Flyers

Are you trying to gain support for your Plunge team and need some resources to back you up? Are you interested but not sure where to start? Check out our Cool Schools Informational Flyers!

Custom Team Posters

We have created some poster templates that you can customize to promote your fundraising team! We recommend customizing these in your favorite design software and if you don’t have design software on your computer, check out Canva (tutorial coming soon!). Choose from 2 different sizes/3 different photo options linked below:

To save and edit the poster templates, click on the link to the template you want to use below. When the lightbox pops up, either click and drag the template image to your desktop or right-click on the template image and save it to your desktop. Then pull into your preferred design software and customize!

  • Team Posters coming soon!
    • Half Letter (1 photo)
    • Half Letter (2 photos)
    • Half Letter (4 photos)
    • Tabloid (1 photo)
    • Tabloid (2 photos)
    • Tabloid (4 photos)

** All Half Sheet templates are sized at 8.5×11″ and feature two identical templates in the design to make for easy printing and more flyers for you to hand out.

QR Code Generator

A great way to solicit donations from supporters and recruit members to your Plunge team is by using a QR code. Once you have the link to your Classy fundraising page or team page copied to your clipboard, we recommend using Dynamic QR Codes to generate your own custom QR Code. You can use this on any printed items that you are using to promote your Plunge Team!

Additional Fundraising Resources

There are so many resources in our Fundraising Toolkit, but see the links below for our favorite resources for our Cool School Plungers!