Classy for Facebook

** ATTENTION 2024 PLUNGERS ** If you used the Classy for Facebook integration for the 2023 or 2022 Plunge, you will most likely have to renew the Special Olympics Maryland app within your Facebook account before setting up the connection on your fundraising page. The instructions for how to renew the app can be found on this FAQ page under the heading “I’m seeing an error when creating a page. How do I fix it?” at the very bottom of the page. If you are still experiencing connection issues, please contact

Once you have registered on our Maryland Plunge, Corporate Plunge, Police Plunge, or Cool Schools Plunge fundraising websites, you will be ready to set up your Classy for Facebook Fundraiser. Please be sure to follow these steps exactly to ensure that your Facebook Fundraiser is connected to your fundraising page:

  1. Access your fundraising page 
  2. Log in at the top-right of the page if you haven’t already
  3. Select Manage at the top-right of your page
  4. Select the Facebook tab
  5. Select the Create button
  6. When the Facebook login prompt appears, log in if you haven’t already
  7. Make sure the Manage your Fundraisers toggle is on
  8. Once you complete these steps, your Facebook fundraising page will be created automatically and appear on your Facebook activity feed. Select View on the tile that appears to visit your Facebook fundraising page.
  9. Once you have landed on your Facebook Fundraiser Page, edit the name of your fundraiser to be “Your Name’s 2024 Plunge Fundraiser”

Any Facebook fundraiser that is set up directly on Facebook will not be linked to your Classy fundraising page and your funds will not be able to be transferred by our team. If you have any questions about the setup process or troubleshooting please contact us at

Click here for troubleshooting!

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial with pictures

Click here for a screen recording video walkthrough