Dollar Donations

Use dollar donations to help reach your fundraising goal! When fundraising, remember that donors are not able to give medium to large donations to your campaign no matter how dedicated and passionate you are about the cause. Many people are willing to give dollar donations (anything under $5) when asked.

Compare Expenses

One way to solicit dollar donations is to compare the donation to a very common everyday expense. Think cups of coffee, a favorite snack at your local Wawa, or your daily Coca-Cola product. Check out Maryland Plunger, Justin Lima from Towson University’s tweet about his dollar donations:

Plunge Body Donations

If you are plunging in water (not taking the bucket route), think of yourself as a donation chart. Use the diagram below and ask for dollar donations to get you to the next level. For example: “Only $12 more dollars to get into the water up to my knees! I need 4 people to donate $3 to help me get there. Donate to my page now [insert fundraising page link].”

Donation Grid

Do you have a great Instagram following? If so, utilize our Donation Grid on your Instagram story to raise $100 for your Virtual Plunge! Some of our Donation Grid donations are over $5 but it’s still a great resource to use, so try it out!