Filming Tips

In our new virtual world, the demand for video and digital content has increased exponentially. By now, we are sure that you have the hang of video recording, but if you are still new to the whole video thing, keep the following tips in mind when filming your #PlungePrep or Virtual Plunge at home!

Don’t stumble into bad lighting! We recommend filming your Virtual Plunge outside for the best lighting and to make it as cold as possible, BRRR! If you are not able to film outside, avoid spotlights and bright windows behind you, which can throw off the exposure of your video.

The best way to film a video is in landscape mode (holding your phone sideways). If you have a tripod, use it to film. If you don’t have one, you can stabilize your phone or camera using boxes or a window sill. You can also ask your housemates to be your camera crew for filming your Plunge!

When you are set up and ready to film make sure you remember to smile and speak loudly! If you are filming with a friend, have them give you a countdown of when to start. If you are filming alone, utilize the self-timer feature on your phone to make sure you capture your whole Virtual Plunge!

At a loss for words? Check out our sample video scripts!