Donation Grid

Do you have a great Instagram following? If so, utilize our Donation Grid on your Instagram story to raise $100 for your Plunge!

  • Step 1: Add your Plunge fundraising page link to your Instagram profile bio
  • Step 2: Save the Donation Grid photo (click the button below) to your phone’s album
  • Step 3: Upload your saved Donation Grid to your Instagram Story then tag Plunge Maryland (@PlungeMD)
  • Step 4: Post the tagged picture to your Instagram Story
  • Step 5: When you receive a donation from a follower, repost your donation grid, draw over the donation amount from your supporter, download the marked up image to use for your next update, tag and thank your supporter, and post your updated grid to your story
  • Step 6: Repeat the Step 5 until your entire grid is complete!