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FUNdraising Events

Make fundraising FUN again! Instead of just simply asking for donations, host a mini fundraising event and encourage your friends, family, coworkers, and community to come out and support you!

50/50 Raffles
Look for easy to execute 50/50 raffle opportunities at events in your area. Many events or locations will allow you to execute a 50/50 on-site with 50% of the ticket sales going to the winning ticket and the other 50% going to your fundraising page. Sometimes the winner will donate a portion back as well!

Gift Wrap Fundraising
Set up a gift wrap station or simply offer the service during the holiday time in exchange for donations.

Car Wash
A local church or gas station is a great place to conduct a car wash. Partner with another Plunger in your area to make it a larger event!

Bowling Night
Be the DUDE! Reach out to your local bowling center and see if they would be willing to host your party as an in-kind donation or would contribute to your Plunge page if you bring in a crowd.

First Snow Day
Ask neighbors to prepay for the first shoveling of snow. You get the money now and then help them shovel out the first snow!

Guess the ________ Contest!
Simply have a guess the date/score/etc contest with a 50/50 split. Ideas are:

  • Final Score of Ravens Game
  • Date of first 1” or higher snowfall
  • Date and time of a friend’s baby’s birth
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