Make your tweets about everything from registration and donations to how you are preparing for the Plunge this year! Use #PlungeMD, #PlungePrep, and #BearTheCold to show off all of the cool things you are doing to support Special Olympics Maryland! Add photos and videos to make your posts stand out.

Copy and paste our sample tweets below:

Initial (right after to register)

Just signed my warmth away by signing up for the 2024 Polar Bear Plunge. Please help me fundraise my way to PlungeFest by donating to my Plunge page! [insert your Plunge Page link here] #PlungeMD #BearTheCold

Awareness (get your followers to join in too)

I am ready to take the Plunge! At-home that is, and for a great cause, to support @SpOlympicsMD. You can help me reach my goal, or join me in the Plunge at #PlungeMD #BearTheCold

I am joining Beary White at this year’s @plungemd and you can too! Just join my Plunge team today at [insert your Plunge Page link here]. All money raised goes to the amazing @SpOlympicsMD participants. #BearTheCold #PlungeMD

Reminder (keep the content going!)

Plunge is coming and I still need your help fundraising! Help me reach my goal by donating to my Plunge page. [insert your Plunge Page link here] #PlungeMD #BearTheCold


I’ve been a Plunger for the last ___  year(s) and I can’t wait to get back onto the beach to Plunge with all of the incredible SOMD athletes and supporters. I hope you can join me on the beach this year! Just sign up at! #BearTheCold

I will be joining my friends at Sandy Point State Park Beach to Plunge for the participants of SOMD and help raise money so they can compete in the sports they love free of charge! Please support my Plunge by donating to my fundraising page! [insert your Plunge Page link here]! #PlungeMD

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