Custom Printing

There are so many great custom printing shops online nowadays and we want to make sure you have the resources to get your own custom Plunge gear. Here are a few of our favorites:

Print All Over Me
At Print All Over Me, you can make one of a kind custom printed apparel, like a neoprene crop top, or cotton sweatshirt.  Yes, you can purchase just one! Design your own and explore past collabs! check out the Plunge Men’s Bathing Suit and Bomber Jackets we made!

Gift Wrap My Face
Want a new way to subtly remind your loved ones to donate to your Plunge page? Wrap all of their holiday and birthday presents in custom Beary White wrapping paper! Our favorite beary favorite patterns that work well with the Plunge graphics are Snowflakes, Polar Bear, and Color Outline.

Feel free to download and use our images to promote the Plunge as you see fit!