Plunger of the Year

The competition continues in 2022!

Plunger of the Year is back this year and we can't wait for the competition! Our 2022 Plunger of the year will begin on Monday, April 4th, 2022, and run for 7 days. Like last year, we will start with a 64 Plunger bracket and work our way down every day until we reach our final champion on Sunday, April 10th. NEW this year - all types of Plunges (Virtual and In-Person) will be accepted. If you are plunging in-person this year, you have 6 days to edit your video and submit for consideration.

2O21 Plunger of the Year Recap

In February of 2021 we decided to host the first-ever Plunge of the Year competition. We thought it would be a great way to showcase some of the best Virtual Plunges and wrap up the inaugural Virtual Plunge season. 64 Virtual Plungers were put into a bracket and our Plunge community dove right in. A total of 288,951 votes were cast in a week and our very first Plunger of the Year title was awarded to the one and only Ralph Gemmill. Plunger of the Year is back this year and our team is hard at work testing out new technology to create the best user experience for our Virtual Plungers.

Ralph Gemmill

2021 Plunger of the Year Champion
Ralph started with SOMD in 1980 and has competed in track and field, swimming, ice skating, soccer, bowling, field hockey, sailing, kayaking, skiing, golf, equestrian, basketball, and softball. Ralph also attended the original Camp Shriver for many, many years.



I plunge because I enjoy it, & love supporting Special Olympics in providing sports for me, & my friends. Special Olympics Maryland is my life!

Christopher Waters

2021 Plunger of the Year Runner Up
Better known as "The Flying Ralphie", Christopher Waters is a 17-year Plunger who works within the school system. He has participated in the Maryland Plunge and the Super Plunge. He estimates that he has physically Plunged around 245 times! 



I have great memories of doing the plunge. However, my experiences doing the Super Plunge and staying overnight with some of the athletes (Jimmy Myrick, Joe Wu, Josh, Desi, Ben) has been nothing short of life-changing. When I spent time with them and really got to know them, it really came from a special place in my heart. I got to see the inclusion firsthand and be inspired by them. It always left me with the best feeling. I also try to encourage others to do the plunge and/or support it by giving a donation. I've always looked forward to the plunge each year. It has truly changed my heart.