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...from your Plunge President, Beary White!

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Social Graphics

Use these sample social graphics and graphic templates in your fundraising campaign! Save the "Ready-to-Post Social Graphics" to your phone or computer (right-click > Save As) for a quick and...


Use this official Plunge letterhead to pass out to friends, family, local businesses… anyone who might be interested in supporting your efforts! Download

Virtual Plunge Options

With one virtual year under our belts, we are ready for the 26th annual Polar Bear Plunge virtual or in-person. The Special Olympics Maryland team will keep the Maryland tradition...

Promotional Posters

Beary worked hard on creating these bold, fun promotional posters for you guys. There are 3 versions to choose from and all are sized at 8.5 by 14 inches so...

Business Cards

Everyone in the working world knows how important a business card is for building connections! Use these Plunger Cards to build your fundraising network and direct your donors and future...

Custom Printing

There are so many great custom printing shops online nowadays and we want to make sure you have the resources to get your own custom Plunge gear. Here are a...

Facebook Posts

Make your Facebook posts about everything from registration and donations to how you are preparing to plunge virtually this year! Use #PlungeMD, #PlungePrep, and #BearTheCold to show off all of...

Donor Receipts

The most important practice of fundraising is to thank your donors! These cards are a quick and easy way to say “Thank You” and provide a receipt for their charitable...

Virtual Plunge Scripts

Your Virtual Plunge is not required to have any words in it (other than "BRRRRRR!"), but if you want to include a brief introduction prior to you bearing the cold,...

Filming Tips

In our new virtual world, the demand for video and digital content has increased exponentially. By now, we are sure that you have the hang of video recording, but if...

Matching Gifts

Many companies generously offer to match their employees’ charitable contributions. Some even provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and...

Sample Email

Let's start spreading the word! Email is a great tool to ask others to pledge their support and we have a few messages for you to work from. A few...

Email Signature

Include our 2022 Plunge email graphic in your signature line to promote and encourage donations to your Plunge team. Hyperlink the graphic to your Plunge team's page and watch that...

Special Olympics Maryland Facts

A great way to solicit donations is to include information about where your donors' money is going! Every dollar raised from the Polar Bear Plunge directly supports the athletes of...

Instagram Posts

Make your grams highlight everything from registration and donations to how you are preparing to bear the cold! Use #PlungeMD, #PlungePrep, and #BearTheCold to show off all of the cool...

Pledge Form

Technology not your thing? Keep track of your fundraising all offline using this Pledge Form, then mail it in with your cash and check donations to Special Olympics Maryland HQ....

Sick Note

The best cure for the winter blues is a dip in the bay! Share your “sick note” with your family and friends. Download your "prescription" today! Download

How to execute your Virtual Plunge

There is no right or wrong way to execute your Virtual Plunge. The main goals are to raise money in support of the 6,102 athletes of Special Olympics Maryland and...


A simple way to share your #PlungePrep or Virtual Plunge video is to use a YouTube link. Using YouTube eliminates all of the troubleshooting you may run into with large...

Virtual Backgrounds

If you are like us, you are still spending hours on Zoom, Teams, Google, Skype, etc. every day. The new virtual world is a perfect place to plug your Plunge....

Video Editing Tips

If you have recorded a very long video and need to trim it into shorter clips for social or get rid of unwanted parts of a video, you can follow...

Donation Grid

Do you have a great Instagram following? If so, utilize our Donation Grid on your Instagram story to raise $100 for your Plunge! Step 1: Add your Plunge fundraising page...


Make your tweets about everything from registration and donations to how you are preparing for the Virtual Plunge this year! Use #PlungeMD, #PlungePrep, and #BearTheCold to show off all of...

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