COVID-19 Protocols

Bring your beary best mask!


Masks Required!

To ensure the health and safety of all In-Person Plungers, volunteers, and event staff, masks are required at ALL times at Sandy Point State Park. Please remember to bring a mask with you on your In-Person Plunge day. You will NOT be allowed to enter the East Beach Plunge Zone if you do not have a mask to wear.


COVID Screening

COVID-19 protocols and questionnaires will be sent to In-Person Plungers multiple times leading up to the In-Person Plunge (see In-Person Plunge Walkthrough for details). CDC based COVID-19 questionnaire completion will be required by ALL In-Person Plungers in order to Plunge in the bay at the 2021 Polar Bear Plunge.


Social Distance

In addition to wearing a mask at all times, we ask that you stay 6 feet apart from all other Plungers, volunteers, and event staff. Please pay attention to all signage and utilize our hand sanitizer stations available on-site. Don't forget to review all health and safety protocols prior to the In-Person Plunge in January.

Plunge Tips & Tricks

Schedule Your Plunge

In-Person Plunge Walkthrough

Online Registration
Registration for ALL In-Person Plungers must be completed online prior to your Plunge day. There will be NO on-site registration like previous years.


Non-Plunger Vehicle Occupants
If you are planning on traveling to Plunge with a vehicle occupant who will not be Plunging and will remain in the car, each non-Plungers will be required to fill out our COVID-19 Screening questionnaire. More information and details regarding non-Plungers will be sent out 12/1/20!


Schedule your Plunge
Unlike the past 25 years, ALL In-Person Plungers must schedule their Plunge time. Plungers will be sent a link to a live scheduling website where they can book their day and time based on real-time availability. Plunge times will be on the half-hour with no more than 50 individual Plunge spaces available per timeslot. Plunge timeslots are first come first serve.

  • Plungers who register prior to December 1st will receive an email on December 1st with the link to the scheduling website
  • Plungers who register on or after December 1st can find the link to the scheduling website in the registration confirmation email


COVID-19 Prescreening Questionnaire
COVID-19 protocols and questionnaires will be sent to Plungers to the email provided during the registration process. These protocols and questionnaires will be sent two different times leading up to the In-Person Plunge in January:

  • 2 weeks prior to the In-Person Plunge on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021
  • 1 day prior to your scheduled In-Person Plunge


Take your temperature!
Before leaving for Sandy Point State Park, please check your temperature! If anyone in your vehicle has a temperature of 100.4° or higher onsite you will NOT be allowed to Plunge.


No Changing Tents or Restrooms!
Individuals should arrive at Sandy Point prepared and in Plunging attire. Make sure to pack a towel and warm clothes that you can quickly put on after you Plunge.


Plunge Only

Due to COVID-19 there will NOT be any of the following at the 2021 Plunge:

Festival Tents
Live Music
Food or Beverage Sold
Merchandise Sales
Changing Tents
Onsite Registration