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Why I Plunge

Have you been plunging for years? Do it for a special reason? Bring out the whole family?
We want to hear your story! 

Why I Plunge

For the amazing athletes of Special Olympics of course! I am inspired every day by many athletes -many of them dear friends! They've taught me that an inspired heart is a warm heart and no match for the icy Chesapeake Bay!

Police Plunger

Frank Tewey


I Plunge because I know first-hand just how much athletes, partners, and volunteers are impacted so positively by being a part of Special Olympics Maryland. I Plunge so that SOMD can continue to change lives!

Cool Schools Plunger

Caprice West

2020 MSP Polar Bear Plunge

I Plunge because I am a part of the best plunge team ever! Team FRIENDZ has raised tens of thousands of dollars for a great cause and it has been great plunging with them. I look forward to being a part of this great cause for many years to come.

Maryland Plunger

Daniel V.


I plunge to help to raise money for athletes across the state, like me, so they can continue to do sports they love!

Super Plunger

Stacey Hull


One of the thing that we really like about the Plunge is that it instills a lot of team activity within the organization in both leading up to the event, during the event, and after the event. The Plunge brings our Aerotek teams together and our goal is to see how much fun our organization can have as a group in conjunction with Special Olympics Maryland on that day.

Corporate Plunger

Blair Kennard

2020 MSP Polar Bear Plunge

Super Plunging has always been an opportunity to give back to Special Olympics Maryland and my fellow athletes. I love to get out into our community and tell the wonderful things our movement has done for people with intellectual disabilities through sport and as I freeze it reminds me that I am doing something that is making an impact for current and future athletes to be able to share their abilities all year long.

Super Plunger

Adam Hays

Why I Plunge: Oliver Clark

For seventh-grader Oliver Clark, the MSP Polar Bear Plunge has become a tradition that brings his family closer together each year. Between his team, Team Sutton, and his leadership at Baltimore’s Calvert School to fundraise as part of the Cool Schools Plunge, Oliver’s efforts have raised nearly $100,000 for Special Olympics Maryland in the past…

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Its the greatest cause I can think of. To be able to help such special people have a good time at all the events. I will continue to plunge as long as it goes. I have NEVER missed any of the Plunges, even when it was rescheduled twice in 2000. Thanks for letting me be part of this!

Maryland Plunger

Richard W. Lasher


This year will be my 12th Plunge along with being the Team Captain of the Plunging Coconuts, it will be year 11 for the team in 2020. I started Plunging for a couple of reasons: sports is such a huge part of my life and I see all the time the positive aspects it can have; my next-door neighbor was autistic and I saw firsthand how social activities helped not only him but his family; and my mom has worked with students with special needs for over 20 years at a local school in Toledo, Ohio. Plunge day is not just about getting into the chilly waters of the Chesapeake Bay, it's about supporting such a great cause, and spending the day with friends who enjoy doing the same crazy thing you do.

The Plunging Coconuts

Danielle Lahner

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